Evolution of Massage Chair Technology

Straight Track

First OSIM Massage chair that utilize fixed rubber roller, weak in lumbar and difficult to reach curve area 


3D rubber roller is introduced to improve the lumbar massage, however it is still difficult to reach contour of the neck area

Long Track

V-Hand 720 Roller is introduced to follow the contour of user's neck and shoulder area, emulating realistic human hand grip massage

Double Track 

4 Hand double track synchronised massage that utilize V-Hand 720 roller for better coverage and shorten the te

V-Hand  Massage Technology

OSIM innovative V-Grip massage simulates the agile hand-grip of a professional masseur, producing a realistc massage grip that is adept at extracting deep seated knots and aching muscles. The 720° roller balls moves to the body contours, delivering the most comfortable and enjoyable massage experience.

Inspire by shiatsu kneading massage technique, OSIM V-Grip roller ball further enhance the flexibility of our massage roller to be able to provide 2D + 3D and hand grip massage. The greatly improve the range of motion for the roller and capability to provide more in-depth massage with

OSIM Massage Chair featuring V-Hand

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