Patented Technologies

Core to our mission, we seek to always understand our customers ever changing needs. Through continuous innovation, we leverage on new technologies to develop well-being products that are rich in features and excellent in quality. Delivering new experiences that inspires well-being.

Wireless Downloading of New Massage Program

With a simple Bluetooth connection to a Smartphone, the uInfinity series of massage chairs can download more of the latest Lifestyle Massage programs for your personal enjoyment and for your family evolving massage needs.

Patented V-Hand massage with 720°massage

OSIM uLove’s innovative V-Hand massage simulates the agile hand-grip of a professional masseur, producing a realistc massage grip that is adept at extracting deep seated knots and aching muscles. The 720° roller balls moves to the body contours, delivering the most comfortable and enjoyable massage experience.

Patented 3D Hand massage

Combined with a strategically positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection, OSIM uDivine delivers the pleasures of the most humanized and effective full body massage.

3D Power Ball massage

Packed by our 3D Power-Ball massage technology, the OSIM uDiva delivers the most powerful 3D massage with 3 levels of protrusion, providing deep tissue relief for hard to reach and common pain areas like the neck & shoulders and lower back.

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