uDivine V Massage Chair - Massage chair for new generation

Dual Track 4-Hand Massage

Twice the roller, halve the time

V-Hand Technology

Human Hand feelings on a Massage Chair

Warmth Therapy

Soothing relaxing warmth massage to end your tiring day

Downloadable Programme

Ever-expanding suite of new lifestyle massage programs

Advanced massage technologies - Powered by OSIM

Eye massager

Relieves eye fatigue to protect your eyes' health

Shoulder airbag massage

Relieves tensioon and pain in shoulder and upper arm muscles

Lower arm airbag massage

Improves arms and hands blood circulation

Soothing Warmth

Help loosen stiff muscles and joints

Foot Massager

Revitalizes your calves, ankles and feet

Roller . Redesign

The latest massage roller developed by OSIM, the intelligent 720 Roller Balls Massage technology is inspired by masseuse wrist motion and flexibility. We understand massage roller is the soul of a massage chair, OSIM uDivine V features V-Hand massage to emulate the agile hand of a professional masseuse.

V-Hand Technology

V-Hand Technology redefine massage chair technique. This new feature emulate realistic hand grip massage in the neck and shoulder area.

720' Roller Balls

Imagine a pair of masseuse hand gliding over your back, OSIM patented 720' Roller is designed to be flexible and provide the smoothest and most pleasurable massage.

Shoulder Detection

Every one is different, OSIM uDivine V equipped with Auto Shoulder Detection to assesses your unique built for a personalized massage.

4 Hand Massage

OSIM Exclusive 4 - Hand Technology work just like two professional masseuses massaging your lumbar and butt, it rejuvenates your upper and lower body at the same time for the most comprehensive massage experience.

Full Body Massage Program

OSIM uDivine V come with new lifestyle massage programs that is designed with the modern users in mind. The new designed massage programs provide a full coverage from neck to toe massage. Experience the 4 hand full body massage in our uDivine V like never before.

OSIM Signature Foot Massage

Complete your massage with OSIM Signature foot massager that provide kneading massage to your calve, ankle and feet sole at the same time. uDivine V leg massage also come with vibration function to enhance the whole massage experience.

Designed to meet your massage needs

"My years of experience in massage treatments provide me insights on users’ needs, and the knowledge to design effective lifestyle massage programs that not only address those needs but are also indulgently enjoyable.

V-Grip and 4 Hand massage is specifically design to emulate human hand massage feelings and able to target deep tissue knot along the muscle around the neck and back."

Sato Tsuyoshi
Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert

Targeted Whole Body Relief

Head & Neck

For quick relief of aches & tension from heand, neck and shoulders

Lumbar & Butt

Loosen back tension to maintain a healthy back

Butt & Thigh

Relieve the aches accumulated at butt & thighs due to prolonged sitting

Lifestyle Massage Programs


Relax your body & mind for a good sleep


Loosen muscles and improve range of motion for flexibility


Promote relaxation and recovery of muscles used in sports

Happy Hour

An after-work treat for the dual areas of shoulders and lumbar

Downloadable Programs

uDivine V Signature

Signature V-Hand massage for a satisfying full body enjoyment


Head-to-toe gentel pampering to unwind and relax the body and mind


Invigorating massage to stimulate&rejuvenate the body and mind

Deep Tissue

Intense massage pressure to relieve body tension and knots

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