Level Up: WFH Experience and Gaming Performance


1. Right Sitting Posture

Sit up straight! Slouching strains the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back, which can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. Ergonomically designed, the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is specially engineered with everyone in mind, buffed with adjustable chair features to ensure that your posture is at the most comfortable position while sitting for a long period of time. The chair also comes with lumbar support that aligns with the curve of your lower back to alleviate the strain.

2. Take breaks in between work and/or games

Even the best heroes need their time to rest! Enjoy an invigorating massage while taking a break in between your work and/or games to achieve your optimal state. The Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM uses OSIM patented V-Hand technology that emulates the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse's hands to knead away all of your aches.

Recommended massage program:

  • Neck & Shoulders : The attuned shoulder grip is a refined hand-grip massager that carefully follows the contours of your body to provide relief for targeted pain points and aches and to amp up energy levels.
  • Lumbar : The spot-on lumbar press is a point-focused massage presses and glides to relieve back pressure, ease muscle soreness and level up your posture.

3. Spruce up your work and/or game station

Level up your work and/or gaming experience by having a work and game station that is aesthetically pleasing to help boost your mood and increase your energy level. It can be as easy as adding your favourite RGB lights in the background, on top of your RGB-lit mouse and keyboard.

To have an even more cohesive look, add the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM gaming chair, which comes in black and blue, to complete your setup. If you want to have an extra pop of colour, the OSIM gaming chair also comes in orange!

4. Comfortable work and/or gaming station

Next station - declutter. A neat and tidy desk is way easier on the eyes, and could reduce potential stress levels. To have a comfortable work and/or gaming station, you would first need a comfortable work and/or gaming chair. The Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is designed with a full-length ergonomic backrest with memory foam headrest and lumbar cushions to provide maximum neck, shoulders and lumbar support and comfort.

The chairs are accompanied with height and armrests adjustability to help you achieve the perfect gaming and/or working position in front of your desk.

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