5 Ways to Create the First-Class Full Body Massage Experience at Home

Given our busy urban lifestyle, it is only natural that we deserve a treat once in a while.

What better to escape the bustle than to retreat into a first-class full body massage experience? We know exactly how to recreate that experience without heading to an expensive spa. Best of all, it is in the comfort of your own home. 

Here are the 5 things you need to create that first-class massage experience.

Calming ambience

First, you need to set up your home into one cozy and warm place; a place that induces relaxation. Small changes and additions create a different feel and look to your home.

To get that first class massage experience, first choose a space in your home that can transform into a home spa. It could be your bedroom, living room or a small corner of your house. Turn off some of your electronics, pull down the curtains and dim your lights. Get your favorite scented candle or diffuser and light it up. The soft warm glow of candles will give you that cozy atmosphere. Add to that the relaxing aromatherapy and you get a luxurious space ready for your massage.

Soothing Music

Go to a deeper relaxation with soothing and calming music. Choose from lounge, healing, meditation music to clear your mind and relieve your stress. You can also bring in nature by choosing music or sound effects such as beach waves, birds chirping or a soft sound of wind in the meadows. Whichever you prefer, music has always that calming effect.



Naturally, a first-class massage experience has to include a full body massage session.  Thus, make sure you select one that you can truly unwind in, for a top-notch mind and body relaxing experience.

A massage chair like uLove 2 delivers the most consistent massage power as compared to professional massage therapists. Inspired by 4-hand massage sessions, these luxurious zero gravity massage chair with innovative 4-Hand Massage technology are included in all of uLove 2 massage programs. 

No need for massage oils or towels. Just sit back and feel your every muscle gets the pampering and relaxation it deserves.

A cup of hot tea

They say tea is a hug in a cup. Right after relieving  your stress and muscle pains from a full body massage, take a sip of your favorite cup of tea. While massage relieves toxins in our body, a hot cup of tea not only hydrates but also flushes these toxins from our bodies.

Beauty Sleep

Complete your first-class full body massage experience at home by taking a hot shower and getting some rest. Take up a book to read or turn on the TV to watch your favorite show or movie. Better yet, go get a nice comfortable nap. Listen to your body’s reaction to the massage and do something to prolong that calming effect to better your wellbeing.

Get the things that you’ll need to recreate this luxurious home spa experience. Prepare this for yourself to take a break from your busy lifestyle or for your loveone who needs total and complete relaxation.

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